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Grateful Dead

Welcome to the Dead On blog

Paul Dunay | October 7, 2020

Welcome to the Dead On blog and our first in a series of incredible performances of Grateful Dead and other related bands. Terrapin uses the music as a guidepost, not to be copied, but to influence our playing and process. We have always said our goal is to remain faithful in executing our brand of music in a way that both excites and challenges you at the same time. To listen is to learn. The members of Terrapin have collectively been to hundreds of shows from all genres, including well over 200 Grateful Dead shows from 1979-1995. We listen to the music constantly to help us create the subtlety in performance and hopefully bring that to you with passion, energy and a whole lot of fun. We thought it would be cool to curate some material that we love and share it with our fans as a primer into how we think about the music. We will try to keep most pieces to under 10 minutes. Occasionally this might be impossible, but we will do our best. The point isn’t to share complete songs or sets as there is plenty of that material commercially available and broadcast. Instead, we will focus on the subtlety of certain parts of songs or jams. Please comment and engage. Nothing is sacred and everyone hears different things so this is just our take on some great material. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Written by Paul Dunay


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